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Come with us on a guided visit to see our wonderful Alpacas.

Paga Parc is home to our herd of Alpacas, cousins of llamas but much more cute and cuddly.  Our visits last about an hour and a half and we will introduce you to them, tell you about their lives, their history, their  habitat and the lives of the hill farmers of Peru who rely on Alpacas to survive.

Meet Alpaca Babies

Every year we have births in the summer and in the autumn so there will always be babies around.  It’s fun just to watch their behaviour, discovering new things, running around the field and playing with their friends.

Alpaca Cuddles

We have some very friendly Alpacas who love children (and adults) and love giving cuddles.  It’s a great opportunity to have your photo taken with an Alpaca giving a cuddle

Hand Feed Alpacas

Some alpacas love people  giving them their special treats.   If they are relaxed they will often come and the treats from your hand.

Sometimes when it is really hot the Alpacas like nothing better than to have a nice cool shower.  We love getting help from our smaller vistors to give the showers.

Alpaca showers

Discover Alpacas

Paga Parc